You’re factually correct. It was a quote taken out of context and fed to me. When I read the entire transcript, I realized what Sullivan meant. I only wanted to share it with you to let you know I wasn’t just making things up.

Overall, after reading everything Sullivan has stated regarding the Flynn trial, it’s clear that he’s not a fan of what the Deep State is doing, as the appropriate sentence handed to Paul Manafort indicates.

With regard to Flynn, the FBI was NOT investigating a crime, they were investigating Flynn, in order to find him guilty of something. As I’m you know, when people rise to a certain level of power, celebrity or wealth, it is virtually impossible to not be guilty of some infinitesimally petty infraction.

Paul Manafort is a good example. He was investigated by the DOJ in 2014 and found nothing worth pursuing. Not that Paul Manafort is an angel by any stretch but he was targeted and destroyed. He had connections to the Ukraine but not Russia but that didn’t stop the railroading process…

Starting from a recorded conversation with his Russian counterpart, which was unmasked illegally, the FBI found nothing illegal or even inappropriate in the conversation. When FBI agents interviewed him, after telling him he didn’t need a lawyer present (which was clearly a lie), they felt that he showed no signs of deception or defensiveness. Even with all that, Mueller was clearly determined to find him guilty of something and all they could come up with is a perjury trap.

As selectively informed as you are, I’ll have to defer to Victor Davis Hanson in saying that this entire charade will be found to be the most extensive, corrupt and destructive case of Executive office-wide fraud in American history, all in order to undo the legal election of Donald Trump.

I kill the buzz of beehive groupthink. There are those who want to do the thinking for those too lazy to think for themselves. This evil must be exterminated.

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