This is a personal best for me, I think. It took me about 45 seconds to skim yet another retread of your feral hatred of America. I have no idea how many “pieces” you’ve secreted, but they all suffer from the same hollow eloquence. You’re sort of the journalistic version of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Readers are impressed with your slick superficiality, but upon the slightest critical examination, find only a veneer of lofty and “serious” conclusions that have absolutely no basis in reality, which should be obvious since you never back up any of your absurd arguments with anything approaching substance.

When you come up with a new angle that does not include: collapse, authoritarian, fascism, supremacy, nationalism or any of your other literary crutches, make sure to let me know and I’ll make an attempt to skim more carefully…

I kill the buzz of beehive groupthink. There are those who want to do the thinking for those too lazy to think for themselves. This evil must be exterminated.

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