The Abortion of Honor and the Law

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Why do Americans obey the law? Do we abide by the law because we live in mortal fear of getting caught? Of course not. We obey the law because we honor and respect it… Not any specific law, the law.

It’s easy to obey and respect laws we revere, just like it’s easy to defend speech everyone agrees with. But the First Amendment was not intended to protect agreeable speech, it was intended to protect all speech, offensive speech especially. Of course, we all know that today, the freedom to speak without fear of being physically silenced or otherwise censored, is on life support with fevered Social Justice Warriors circling, waiting for the chance to pull the plug once and for all, just ask Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, Heather MacDonald and many others.

We seem to be suffering from the same ailment regarding the law. As stated earlier, it’s easy to defend laws we all agree on, but the true test of whether we are a ‘nation of laws’, not just in word but in deed, is when we obey, honor and even defend, laws we despise.

When we think of the U.S Federal Government, the Constitution, the Supreme Court, The Bill of Rights, we perceive our system as indestructible pillars of majestic Governance, but the reality is that the “Rule of Law” is really based on a very fragile concept…

The Honor System…

It’s true. The Honor System.

In polar contrast to the rule of law, the Honor System is perceived by most as a weak, flawed system that never succeeds because people always cheat, and that’s largely true. A number of businesses have been launched based on the Honor System and all failed.

So, if our system of governance is based on the weak and flawed Honor System, why does our system of Government work? Because the citizens of America have freely agreed to honor the rules. In short, our system is only as good as the word of the people who are part of it.

Most poeple would agree that freedom is one of the most fundamental fires that drive the human spirit but freedom is also subjective and relative. One person’s freedom is another person’s prison.

Freedom is not an objective truth. It exists only in the human soul and it can be treated with reverence and undying respect, which is usually the case for people who have had their freedom taken and had to fight hard to regain it, or freedom can be treated capriciously, which is usually the case with far too many Americans, who really never think about it. Freedom is just ‘there’ as if they were entitled to it.

Free will is what makes us humans the unique creatures we are. We have the freedom to do, or not do… and occasionally, when possible, even undo

For much of the history of America, the vast majority of American citizens agreed to abide by our laws because of our sense of honor: An honorable person “keeps their word” and abides by the law, even when a law is passed they think is fundamentally wrong or unconstitutional. An honorable judge will rule on the law as written, not as they wish it were written, even if they vehemently disagree with it. But the corrosion and erosion of honor in judicial and social has been underway by the Left, for quite some time.

The Left’s entire strategy is one of ulterior incrementalism. While maintaining a pretense of honor, they work quietly and insidiously, under the cover of compromise, to achieve their ultimate goal by slowly, very slowly, grinding the sharp edges of right and wrong off the law until the original intent has been so diluted and defanged that it becomes useless.

The classic example of this is gun control and the Second Amendment. The full and unfettered expression of the Second Amendment would allow Americans to carry weapons, anywhere, anytime, for self-defense. This would be the free and unfettered expression of freedom guaranteed by the Constitution.

To the Left, this much freedom is dangerous. Why? Because they quietly (and often-times not so) hold the American people in utter contempt. So gun control is used as a “veneer of virtue” to protect Americans (omitting the unstated: ‘from themselves’), when in reality, it’s intended to erode our freedoms, with the ultimate goal of repealing the Second Amendment entirely.

America’s almost-imperceptible, Leftward Continental Drift, which started with Woodrow Wilson 100 years ago, through both Democrat and Republican Administrations, has never stopped or reversed, only slowed on occasion, and during the Obama Administration, rapidly accelerated.

During that time, “true” Conservatives have always had a ‘North Star’ to stay on course; the Constitution. As a result, Conservatives today are the same Conservatives as were the Founders.

The Left, on the other hand, has drifted far, far off course, with no bearing as to just how far off course they were…

Until Donald Trump was elected.

That was when the gloves came off, all pretense of compromise, civility, tolerance and journalistic objectivity all went out the window…

The Left, led by the Media, threw a Grand Mal tantrum, in essence, pounding the table, swinging their collective arm across the game board in a total rage, knocked all the pieces off and wailed that, because “Hillary didn’t win”, Trump MUST have cheated.

It was literally ‘Game Over’. The Left decided they would no longer play by the rules and thus began the Abortion of Honor and the Law.

When one side decides to no longer play by the rules, what can the other side do? They can take the “high road” but what good would it do? If you’re in the ring playing by the Marquess of Queensbury rules and your opponent is getting fitted for brass knuckles, the best you can hope for is the satisfaction of knowing you played fairly before lapsing into a coma.

Trump is the first President in modern American history who understands how to play and beat Leftists at their own game and they absolutely despise him because of it.

And this explains why Donald Trump and most especially, the people who put him in office are despised to the point of not only wishing his supporters misery and mayhem, many of them are unhinged enough to inflict it personally.

There is nothing, nothing more dangerous than a group of people, who proclaim that their “justice” is more important than what the law says, because ‘doing the right thing’, Trumps the law… (the irony is surreal ain’t it?).

When one side abandons their respect for the Rule of Law, America is no longer a nation of laws. It doesn’t matter if one side remains honorable.

When the other side wants you exterminated by any means necessary, you can stand proud, self-righteous as a symbol of honor and integrity… but you’ll still be dead, and the values that mean everything to you, your family and the values that created the Constitution, will also be dead.

When honor has been aborted, the only law is the Law of the Jungle. You can thank the Left for bringing us ALL down…

I kill the buzz of beehive groupthink. There are those who want to do the thinking for those too lazy to think for themselves. This evil must be exterminated.

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