I always find it amusing when so-called journalists, such as yourself, can refer to Saudi Arabia as being so despicable, yet will fawn and fret over the religion of Islam in the same breath when attacked by Republicans.

Read the paragraph you wrote with Islam replacing Saudi Arabia:

“Islam is one of the more repressive regimes going. Women are famously treated as second-class citizens. It is illegal to be gay, to speak ill of the kingly government, to not be Muslim. Capital punishment is meted out by beheading.”

All of this blather, being a torrent of bits and bitterness, signifying nothing, NEVER addresses the main assumption which is a lie: That Jamal Khashoggi was a “journalist”. Calling him a journalist is as big a stretch as saying that Pelosi and Shumer can “relate to the little guy”.

ALL of this non-story is rooted in a simple pre-determined, fevered fantasy:

  1. Trump criticizes journalists, therefore, (insert monumental stretch here), Trump would probably like to see American journalists killed…
  2. Jamal Khashoggi was murdered, Trump doesn’t seem too upset about it, and since Khashoggi wrote an article or two, (insert monumental stretch here), that makes him a ‘journalist’ SO…
  3. That PROVES that Trump wants journalists killed…

I kill the buzz of beehive groupthink. There are those who want to do the thinking for those too lazy to think for themselves. This evil must be exterminated.

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