Hmmm… Let’s see… According to you: “Decency. Justice. Truth. Equality. Freedom. Democracy.” are values we Americans cherish.

You are correct, and they are all under mortal threat, not because of who is in the White House, but because of you and people like you who are not…

Your lust for Leftism is so fevered that you are more than willing to destroy this nation, just to get your revenge over your loss in 2016. You stand for nothing except revenge and payback.

You don’t care about about children being torn from their Mother’s arms… If you really did care, you would’ve been screaming about it when Obama was doing the very same thing.

It’s the same tired retread about taxes slashed for corporations and the wealthy. Your plea is nothing but envy and shameless pandering. The economy is booming and you know it and you have nothing to offer that’s positive, only to tear down the progress that’s been made. What you and the Democrat party stand for is just to get your pound of flesh…

That’s about as UN-American as it gets… You might want to start working on your concession speech now…

I kill the buzz of beehive groupthink. There are those who want to do the thinking for those too lazy to think for themselves. This evil must be exterminated.

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