Hey, Einstein… Has it occurred to you that your 5,237-word waste of keystrokes, culminating in utter drivel, is contributing to the very problem you’re whining about? You almost certainly used a computer, which was powered by electricity, probably coal, which was then transmitted over the Internet which required even more Carbon-based energy… Don’t you see? You’re part of the problem.

If you REALLY want to walk your BS talk, you should stand on a street corner with a cardboard sign that states: “The End is Near” and bleat to your heart’s content to anyone unfortunate enough to be within earshot. ZERO Carbon footprint.

The 100 companies you despise so much are not just burning coal and throwing tons of Carbon into the atmosphere for the Hell of it, they are doing it because of people LIKE YOU. YOU are DEMANDING they provide you with the energy you need to rant with your nonsense in an attempt to infect those gullible enough to buy your bullshit.

The ONLY thing you’ve confirmed is what I’ve been saying for decades: The environmental movement (now Climate Change) is NOTHING but a veneer of virtue with the underlying sinister goal of destroying Capitalism…

You are either irredeemably stupid or, more likely, corrupt to the core…

I kill the buzz of beehive groupthink. There are those who want to do the thinking for those too lazy to think for themselves. This evil must be exterminated.

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