CLEARLY, you seem to be suffering from the same political schizophrenia as Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell in that you all see and hear things that are clearly not there, while at the same time, willfully blind to blatantly obvious and appalling criminal conduct.

Like most other delusional critics of Trump, you state as an objective fact, that Trump is “obviously” guilty of impeachable offenses, (to you only it appears), which are as plain as day, and then conveniently decide to skip over what it is he’s done that merits impeachment, other than bizarre, pitiful stretches of vague (and NOT illegal) innuendo, such as the “smoking gun” check that Trump wrote to Michael Cohen.

Clearly Trump did reimburse Cohen… SO… WHAT? Reimbursing someone is NOT illegal, as much you desperately wish it to be so…

The other glaring example that stands out, which I find endlessly amusing and also points out what I think is a genetic defect of Leftists, a complete lack of any discernible sense of humor, is the obvious joke Trump made as an off-the-cuff comment “Russia, if you’re listening, maybe you can find the missing 30,000 emails…”

You and kooks like you (Schiff and Swalwell) are so clearly desperate that you find that quip to be sinister and an indication of some kind of “collusion” (which is also not a crime), yet completely oblivious to the criminal act of deleting those 30,000 emails (which were under subpoena) in the first place…

As for Mr. Cohen’s testimony being “devastating” you managed to completely ignore some obvious facts that anyone with a whit of common sense would make Cohen’s testimony suspect:

  1. Cohen is going to prison for lying to the very body he was again testifying to.
  2. The fact that Cohen is the only witness they could find indicates the Democrat Judiciary Committee’s pathetic desperation.
  3. If Cohen had truly damaging information, he would have been given immunity instead of going to prison.
  4. There is a video of Cohen at a Jewish temple stating passionately and unambiguously, that Trump is not a racist, not a homophobe, sexist, etc., etc….
  5. Cohen was lobbying everyone on the Trump campaign to get the job of Chief-of-Staff (there are numerous people who have confirmed it) and then denied it in testimony.
  6. Cohen was shopping a book in which he states that Trump is not any of the things that the press has concluded he is (racist, homophobe, yada, yada, yada…). He was going to get $750,000 for that book until he was convicted of lying and the publisher dropped the offer…

You are however, certainly correct about some people having a sense of moral superiority… I suggest you look in the mirror. It is your certainty of moral superiority that allows you to see and hear what isn’t there while ignoring blatantly obvious facts that conflict with your delusional vision.

The fact that you find Eugene Robinson “excellent” is hysterical and Paul Krugman (who is still waiting for the economic crash that we’ll never recover from) is the ace in your sad, flimsy house of cards.

I remember when the foaming and feral Left hated James Comey for ruining Hillary’s election chances (hint: Comey only exposed it. It is Hillary who was responsible) and less than a year later, he’s now considered a saint…

I imagine you’ll suffer the same delusion with Mueller. You now see him as a knight in shining armor and when you discover that Mueller’s report has no smoking gun, you’ll revile him as incompetent, compromised, corrupt…

One thing is certain, you and people like you, have done far more damage than Putin, in his wildest, wettest dreams could have ever imagined…

I kill the buzz of beehive groupthink. There are those who want to do the thinking for those too lazy to think for themselves. This evil must be exterminated.

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